Quantitative (purity) steroids test kit, instruction how to use.

What we did here is nothing new; the testing ideas have been developed by various chemists, scietists, research teams long time ago. It simply required some team work to make it available. Purity test is very easy to use, it is based on quantitative analyzes. It is not using any color code, there are no colors to comapre or read. You will get easy results which will look like this 123.45 mg/ml or % for raw material.

The tests are supported and guaranteed by our well equipped analytical lab. This means that we have fully equipped labs with analytical equipment like HPLC to verify and confirm accuracy. You will also get included free presence test. You still need the 365 nm UV light for the presence test and it is not included for free, you need to buy it separately. You can skip the presence test and you can do purity test only. But if there was no hormone inside you will get results which will look like this 0.00 mg/ml or 0.0% and waste the test.

There are no colors to read. The purity test is based on different principle to determine the concentration of active ingredient. This is why the test can provide very accurate results. You will get instructions with the test. We will wait for feedback to see which quantitative tests are in demand and we will introduce more.

When you use test reagent for presence it is also reacting with oil. This is where the initial color comes from, the red – brown color. This is why you need UV light to see if there is a hormone inside. Reaction between hormones and test reagent will produce fluorescence under UV light. This is our presence test only. When you see somebody selling test and claiming that it is showing percentage (purity) based on initial color more or less brown, it is a scam. Furthermore the idea sounds even more ridicules when you take into account that different oils will produce different initial colors. So the best you can determine with this test is what kind of oil was used not hormone. It cannot be done for oils. Put plain oil into that kind of test and it will also show you the same. It also cannot be done for raw material since fluorescence determines presence of steroids not the initial color change.

If you are our good customer, and if you were scammed by somebody with that kind of test we will mail you for free a few vials to test it. Since you do not want to buy it from scammer again to test the theory.

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